Sewer No No's

What Not to Put in the Sewer

What you put down your drain or flush down your toilet can negatively impact the environment.


  • Never pour grease down the sink drain or toilet! Grease cannot be broken down effectively during the wastewater treatment process. Just like a steady diet of greasy food can clog your arteries, grease flushed down the pipes blocks sewers.
  • Grease clings to pipes and builds up over time.
  • Cold weather solidifies grease.
  • Blocked sewage (sewer backup) can surge up through sinks, floor drains and toilets and make for a very, very messy cleanup.

How to Dispose of Grease Properly

  • Pour grease into a container. Freeze it and throw it in the garbage. Household liquid edible food oils can be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility at your local Community Recycling Center.
  • Before washing dishes, scrape hardened grease into the garbage.
  • Additives claiming to reduce grease may only pass grease further into the pipe.

Other Items NOT to Flush Down the Toilet or Pour Down the Drain

And remember:
All storm sewers lead to your water.

  • The storm sewer system drains into rivers, streams and lakes, and can seep into the ground.
  • What goes in the storm sewer can contaminate the sources of our drinking water.